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Why collaborating with RECLIP if you want to perform a pediatric clinical trial?

RECLIP aims to provide the following benefits to the trial sponsors and collaborators:

  • Advantage of centralized contacts, which may reduce the time and cost normally spent navigating a laborious pre-study planning and site feasibility process to set up such trials.
  • Better insight into the time and cost expectations of a trial up front, based on the track record of past experience working in pediatric research of RECLIP members, helping to develop more realistic budgets and times to study completion.
  • Shared regulatory input and knowledge from experts at the local, regional, and national levels. RECLIP has wide expertise in addressing regulatory needs at international, national, regional and local level. This will help to navigate the pediatric regulatory landscape and reduce the risks related to fulfilling regulatory obligations that are often the reason for the trial being conducted.
  • Pre-engaged specialized sites worldwide that are uniquely positioned to oversee pediatric research and have a clear interest in pediatric clinical trial participation. This way, the time to identify the sites specifically needed for pediatric trials and the administrative time in start-up can be significantly reduced.
  • Expertise and experience, including the most seasoned investigators around the globe, who understand the intricacies of recruiting pediatric patients and addressing the concerns of their families. Such understanding is absolutely essential in pediatric clinical trials and mandatory to set appropriate expectations up front for patients/families. This way more precise enrollment calculations are allowed and less follow-up lost may occur.
  • Mentoring of less experienced investigators that can eventually join trials run by RECLIP. This way we can lessen the burden and learning curve associated with the conduct of controlled clinical trials.